Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Bump

I have every intention of staying committed to the original intent of this blog, which was to amuse myself (and possibly someone happening by the site) by relating random and ridiculous thoughts and stories from my life; however, given that I am (hopefully!) days away from having my first child, this event is clearly taking precedence in my mind and will likely continue to for, I don't know, the next 18 years? Admittedly, I haven't been blogging anyway, so I'm sure no one would notice or care if my blog changed from the purpose of amusing myself to being amused and amazed by my new little girl. That being said, I know I will need a creative outlet of some sort in between diaper changes and feedings, so I do hope to maintain a sense of my pre-baby self even after little Marin transforms life as we know it around here. That's what we're naming her, by the way - Marin Blake! I can hardly wait to meet her, and that little trickster had us fooled into thinking she was hours away in the earlier part of the week. She was only kidding, apparently, so I have a few more days (and hopefully not weeks!) left on my hands before she arrives.

I just finished cleaning the kitchen sink (again!) and remembered that a friend had asked me to post some pregnancy pics to my blog since it's been a while since we've seen one another. So, here they are! Hopefully the next time you see me she will be in my arms and not in my big belly! (And, of course, hopefully my belly will be a little less big!) :)

These were taken by my parents last Thursday at Turtle Creek, right by the gazebo where Krister proposed and I had my bridal portraits made. Fun memories! We were saying I should go ahead and deliver in the gazebo to keep up the trend of big events in my life happening there - I know the Turtle Creek residents would love that!

This was taken at the Dallas Arboretum a couple of Saturdays ago. I drug poor Krister out there in the scorching heat and humidity to take pictures of flowers for the nursery. He got some great ones and they are now framed above the changing table!


Kaitlin said...

I hope you keep blogging because I really like reading! Can't wait to see cute little Marin! Love the pictures...and what a great idea to frame pictures of flowers for the nursery. Can we see pictures of the nursery too?

annalee said...

beautiful, beautiful baby bump! you look wonderful pregnant (and always) and i'm so excited for your sweet baby to be here! can you post at least once more so we can "meet" her?:)

Angie said...

I can only hope that I will one day look as FLATTERING beneath a bump as you do!!! You are so gorgeous, mama! I want you to know we are praying for a HEALTHY and STRONG little Marin Blake! I am dying to come meet her already! We'll be standing by for the actual labor...I like that she has a good pranking sense of humor already. Miss you! xoxoxo

Lynn Leaming said...

It will be so much fun reading about mothering experiences on your blog. Marin is going to be most blessed indeed. Your prego pictures are just adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, your mothering experiences will probably be more humorous and amusing than your everyday stories. Kids seem to do that to ya!

You look absolutely gorgeous and we're praying everything goes well for all three of you. :)

Let us know when she makes her arrival!

Chris and Merry said...

Tobin, you are so beautiful pregnant! I know I am really behind...but I am just now reading your blog and catching up with your life. We miss you guys! :)